I'm an 18 year old American Entrepreneur from Virginia. CEO of Feuhle Media LLC and various other smaller ventures I've started more recently. I had my initial start in the "online space" with artist marketing. Feuhle Media is my digital marketing agency that's been operating since 2020, when I was 16 - more information on that is below.

From years of learning digital marketing with my agency, I found quick success in both web3 and dropshipping. Already knowing how to market and effectively get products seen has been key in both those respective fields.

My plans for the future include further building up the ventures I already have going. Mainly looking to create more passive and automated sources of income.

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What is Feuhle Media?

Pronounced "fuĀ·el"

Feuhle Media is the digital marketing agency I created and fully operate. I took everything I've learned in public relations, mass content distribution, audience targeting, networking, and social media algorithms to either increase our clients social notability, following, or engagement. Now working with a larger and more talented team we've branched out into other forms of digital marketing.