Justin Liwen is an American Entrepreneur and Internet Personality. Having his initial start in the "online space" with social media marketing during late 2020 led him to form his own agency MNGNMT®. Since than, he's delivered well over 100M+ in client views across TikTok & Instagram; also building a vast celebrity network and gaining over 100,000 Instagram followers along the way.

Marketing & MNGNMT

Rebranded from Feuhle Media, MNGNMT® is the digital marketing agency Justin Liwen created at sixteen years old. MNGNMT® is an independent contractor providing high caliber media management and marketing services for artists, influencers, businesses, and brands.

The team at MNGNMT® mainly uses a combination of their own professional networks, innovative automation tools, and years of industry experience to provide clients with what they need. For more information visit the official MNGNMT® Instagram page linked below.

Private Network

To view all social media services separate from the MNGNMT® ones, join our exclusive private network! All past and current services are posted
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